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A Leading Solar Energy Company In Pakistan

For Residential, Commercial and Industrial.

Commercial Solar Solutions

Commercial solar energy systems and panels are advantageous for the simple functioning of various units in the industrial and commercial sectors.

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
  • Positive Corporate Image
  • Long-Term Financial Returns

Residential Solar Solutions

Edison Engineering provides residential solar services, including a system design, energy production and unit estimates, and a Return on Investment analysis for your home.

  • Feasibility Study System Design
  • Energy Production Unit Generation
  • Return On Investment Calculations

Solar Street Lights Solutions

We are a reputable company with extensive industrial expertise working in the renewable energy sector to give our valued customers.

  • Environment Friendly
  • Best Quality Aluminum / ABS Body
  • BV, CE, RoHs, FCC, ISO9001, SGS

Agriculture Solar Solutions

These systems are the greatest alternatives for places with a lack of electricity or a limited supply of power.

  • Get rid of load shedding
  • Best Quality Aluminum / ABS Body.
  • BV, CE, RoHs, FCC, ISO9001, SGS

Wind Energy Solutions

From smaller, islanded systems to wind farms, wind energy is anticipated to play a larger role in power generation portfolios.

  • Smaller To Wind Farms Solutions
  • Horizontal Axis / Vertical Axis/strong
  • Project Feasibility, Site Evaluation

Solar Micro-Grid Solutions

Remote areas could be served by hybrid systems using solar panels or any other renewable energy source, such as wind, hydel, biogas, storage batteries, and generators, thanks to the Micro-grids systems.
  • Optimization Of Assets
  • Operation & Maintenance
  • Digitalization & Automation
Sustainable, Affordable And Reliable Solar Solution.

Edison Solar Energy Systems Provider In Pakistan, Solutions And Energy Supplies

In accordance with your needs, Edison Engineering Renewable Energy can specify the design, installation, commissioning, and consulting of renewable energy systems. For both residential and commercial projects, the business has actual experience delivering complete solar solutions. Edison Renewable Energy is a significant player in the renewable energy industry and has been given permission by its superiors to use internal R&D capabilities to adapt cutting-edge technologies. Following a successful test, we immediately developed and introduced it into the Pakistani market with the necessary international standards, making us the country’s leading provider of solar energy solutions.


1. Fulfilling HSE Requirements



3. Installation of mounting structure



5. DC Wiring



7. Storage system installation



9. Testing & Commissioning



2. Civil Work

4. Installation of solar panels



6. Installation of Inverter



8. AC Wiring



10. Maintenance/Cleaning



Why Trust US!

Edison Engineering is a leading solar power solutions provider in Pakistan deals in top-tier products to deliver high performance solar customized solutions. Our products and solutions are made to meet all kind of solar needs for domestic, commercial and industrial consumers. We offer extensive consultation, permitting and installation services that produce remarkable results and transform the way you consume energy. Our team of surveyors and installers are professional and experienced, unlike most Renewable Companies. We offer tailor-made solar solutions depending on customer location, electricity needs and prices. Edison Engineering aims to establish a cleaner, pollution free planet by revolutionizing the energy outlook of the world, one building at a time.


We are powering more than 5 years of experience 100M projects 200 of Professionals in all over the Pakistan.